Customer Agreement
1. The Parties and the Agreement

21bet (hereafter referred to as 21bet) provides Internet based gaming for players via internet using web browsers and TV using phone. This agreement sets out the relationship between 21bet and the player. Rights and obligations may not be transferred, unless otherwise explicitly stipulated in this agreement.

Before playing, the client must be registered and approved as a player at 21bet and have deposited funds intended for gaming on 21bet's account by and/or on behalf of the player.

Each time a customer logs into an 21bet game with the player's personal username and password, the player therewith confirms acceptance of all terms and conditions in this agreement at that time and all general gaming as well as game specific rules set out on this web site which may be updated from time to time (hereafter referred to as the "Agreement").

21bet stands for 21bet. The game services provider for players.
Gaming means, unless otherwise specifically set out, 21bet's gaming services on Internet.
A Player is any person registered with having a valid 21bet account.
A suspended account means that funds can temporarily not be used for gaming.
A locked account means that gaming temporarily cannot be performed by the player.
To end the customer relationship means that the Agreement ceases to have effect.
Upon termination of this Agreement by Us or You you shall be entitled to the return of the current available balance in your gaming account.
These funds (if any) shall be credited within 14 working days of the termination of this agreement as per established withdrawal method.
(ref: Terms and Conditions Clause 5.8)

2. Registration Persons over the age of 18 can register as a player on 21bet. Each player is personally responsible for adhering to all applicable local legislation and rules as set out by national or local authorities from time to time.

The player is responsible for all information submitted being correct when registering, and for maintaining correct registration information over time. Changes in the player's name must be submitted to 21bet in writing.

21bet maintains all rights to cancel registration at any time for any or no reason. In case of such cancellation, the funds on the account shall be transferred to the most recent bank account that the player has registered with 21bet.

3. Acceptance regarding personal data registration, storage and use
The player accepts that all data submitted to 21bet by the player will be registered and stored in 21bet's customer database for Internet and TV gaming for as long as the customer relationship continues, and for statutory regulatory purposes thereafter. The player accepts that all data will be made available to 21bet for the purposes of play analysis.

The nature of the data stored is described on this web site.

4. Acceptance that the player may be contacted by 21bet

The player accepts that 21bet may contact the player at any time using any of the contact information provided by the player.

5. Confidentiality
21bet ensures that all customer/player data will be treated confidentially. This confidentiality will only be superseded by legal requirements or decisions made by government regulatory representatives.

Your privacy is important to 21bet. The business is based on your trust. Keeping your information secure, and using it only as you would wish us to use it, is a top priority for all of us at 21bet.

21bet will:
5.1 - Attempt to keep player files up-to-date and accurate.
5.2 - Continuously assess ourselves to ensure that your privacy is respected.
5.3 - From time to time perform credit control, information verification and risk management functions with outside companies and organizations for some players.
5.4 - Limit the collection and use of information about you to the minimum required while delivering a superior service.
5.5 - Maintain control over the confidentiality of our players' information.
5.6 - Permit only authorized personnel, who are trained in the proper handling of player information, to have access to that information.
5.7 - Require all associated organizations, if any, to adhere to our confidentiality rules as set out on this website.
5.8 - Safeguard, according to strict standards of security and confidentiality, any information you share with us.

6. Username and Password
Your username and password are provided as a part of the registration procedure.

At the point of registration, the player chooses a username. These codes are valid as of reading the terms and conditions set out on this website and in this Agreement, as confirmed by completing the registration process.

The player accepts that the player is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the player's username and password, and shall store the username and password in such a manner that outside persons cannot gain access to them.

The player is responsible for immediately contacting 21bet if there is a risk that the player's username or password may be compromised in any way.

Please contact 21bet or e-mail [email protected] if you suspect your account may be in jeopardy.

21bet reserves the right to temporarily lock the account under such conditions.

The player remains fully responsible for all plays based on the player's username and password until such locking of the player's account.

21bet reserves the right to de-activate a player's username and password at any time for investigation purposes.

7. Account
Successful registration means requesting that 21bet opens a gaming account for the player. 21bet will open an account when requested as long as 21bet's requirements are met and reserves the right to decline an account opening for any reason. The account is intended for administering the player's funds, play and fees, as well as wagers, refunds, winning payments, cash-outs and eventual service fees for the duration of the Agreement.

The account is for use by the registered player only.

7.1. 21bet's handling and accounting for customer deposits
Funds deposited by players shall be separately accounted for.

21bet has made provisions with the bank that player funds are held in a ring-fenced account, and separate from company funds.

Player accepts that 21bet stores the deposited funds together with other players' funds and that separation is only provided by electronic accounting methods.

7.2. Interest on your deposited funds
Player is not entitled to any interest in deposited funds and will be paid no interest on deposited funds, nor funds held in a balance for any given period of time.

7.3. Player access to funds stored on the player's account
The funds on the player's account are available to the player during the operating hours of the gaming service. Upon request by the player, 21bet will perform a transfer from the player's 21bet account to the player's account, where the source of funds originated. This transfer will constitute a part or whole of the player's funds at the time of the transfer request, minus any deductions for service or banking fees, etc. Transfers are processed during normal business working hours. Withdrawal requests can be made at any time.

7.4 No loans and no exchange rate speculation
Funds on a player's account cannot be used as a basis for obtaining any form of credit, nor are they allowed to be used for exchange rate speculation.

21bet reserves the right to return funds to players at the original exchange rate if 21bet has reasonable suspicion that the intent of the player's transactions has been primarily to speculate on exchange rates or for any other purposes than to participate in the games.

To this end, 21bet agrees that the exchange rate at the time of deposit, will be the exchange rate used at the time of withdrawal.

7.5. Player's ability to suspend player's account
The player can request exclusion or closure of his or her account for a pre-determined length of time. Excessive use of the close account feature may, at 21bet's sole discretion, lead to termination of the customer relationship at any time and will be considered as permanent self-exclusion.

7.6. Player's ability to lock Player's account
The player can request that his or her account is closed at any time. 21bet will handle such requests through its Customer Service Department, on a 24/7 basis.

7.7. Automated functions
(i) If no transactions have been carried out on an account during an uninterrupted period of 24 months, 21bet reserves the right to terminate the customer relationship automatically. Players should note that at the time where the customer relationship is terminated, 21bet reserves the right to determine that the player has forfeited their balance.

(ii) In cases where 21bet has closed a player’s account, due to reasons of fraud, duplicate accounts, or for any other reason, the player has six months from the date of the account closure to appeal this decision. Should a player wish to appeal a decision concerning account closure they should contact 21bet’s customer service team via email. If no appeal has been made within six months 21bet reserves the right to determine that the player has forfeited their balance.

7.8. Transaction control 21bet provides neither evidence nor receipts of individual transactions related to the account. All transactions are accounted for electronically within the game engine. The Player accepts responsibility for ensuring that the transactions on the account match the player's actions within 24 hours of the bet being struck.

7.9. Transaction queries and limitations on time allowed for refuting transactions
Transactions can be queried at any time. Claims and requests to dispute a transaction shall be made within 30 days of the transaction in question. Failure to query or dispute a transaction within 30 days will lead to the transaction being deemed valid and irreversible.

Due to relative complexities in the gaming engine, the possibility exists that an error or mis-settlement may occur. In such a case where this may have occurred, it is the player’s duty to inform 21bet about the situation immediately to have this rectified.

By retaining all legal rights, any and all incorrect payments will be pursued through legal channels, and the player will be banned from 21bet thereafter.

8. Opening hours
The hours of gaming may vary from time to time. The game times are set out in the relevant gaming domain. Customer service is available 24/7, while other administrative functions will work normal office hours.

9. Pricing is indicated within the gaming service and/or on this website.

9.1. Pricing changes 21bet maintains the right to change its terms and conditions from time to time. Notification of changes through direct email communication, as well as notified on this website. Change notification is deemed served after 7 days of being sent to the e-mail address most recently provided by the player and/or 21bet.
If player does not accept new tariffs, then player shall in writing give notice of termination of the Agreement and not play as of serving such notice. Further play by the player shall be deemed as acceptance of the new tariffs by player.

All costs related to communication between 21bet and a player remains the sole responsibility of the player, and 21bet reserves the right to levy fees for such communication.

10. Payment of winnings
Winnings and/or refunds of deposits or fees are noted automatically on the players account in the transaction history.

11. Responsibility for equipment, software and communication
21bet does not take responsibility for the suitability of the player's hardware or software equipment for gaming, 21bet also does not take responsibility for any communication related issues the player may experience when playing. All data and telephone communication between the player and 21bet is at the player's sole risk.

21bet does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage including consequential damages howsoever caused by the service, hardware, software or communications. 21bet reserves the right to disconnect customers that are equipped in a manner that is unsuitable for the service as set out by 21bet. The player is liable for all communications related costs.

12. Other limitations of liability 21bet is not responsible for:

12.1 - Corrections or data corruptions caused by software written by the platform, its agents or sub-contractors.

12.2 - Diagnosis and/or rectification of potential Malfunctions or actual faults.

12.3 - Rectification of lost or corrupt data or programs arising for any reason.

12.4 - Support of software or any accessories, attachments, machines, systems or other items.

12.5 - Support of any software.

12.6 - 21bet provides no warranty or guarantee as to the suitability or quality of any goods or services supplied and the player acknowledges that he or she has the responsibility for the selection of them. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, all conditions, representations and warranties (express or implied, statutory or otherwise) are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law, including, without limitation, any implied warranties or conditions as to quality or fitness for purpose.
21bet will not be liable for the following loss or damage howsoever caused and even if foreseeable:

Economic loss, which term shall include loss of profits, loss of use of profits, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings.

Loss of, damage to or the cost of replacement, recovery or reconstruction of the player's or a third party's documents, tapes, records, information or other data on any media.

Loss arising from any claim made against the player by a third party.

Loss or damage arising from the player's failure to fulfil his responsibilities or any matter under the control of the player or a third party.

Loss or damage arising from platform acting in accordance with the instructions of the player, agents or third parties engaged by the player special, indirect or consequential loss.

Neither platform nor the player shall be liable for any loss or damage caused by delay or failure to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement where such delay or failure is due to any cause beyond the control of the parties, as the case may be, including (without limitation) Force Majeure, War or Military action, Civil Disorder, Insurrections or Riots, Fire, Storm, Flood, Explosions, Earthquakes, Epidemics or Quarantine Restrictions, Sabotage, Government Disorders, Priorities or Regulations affecting materials or facilities, Court Orders, Restrictions as a consequence of decision or view taken by any governmental body or similar, Strikes whether actual or threatened, Labour troubles causing cessation, slowdown or interruption of work, Inability to obtain necessary Governmental or Regulatory Authority approval, Delay or Cancellation of any commercial air service, or any cause to the extent it is beyond the parties' reasonable control.

13. Changes in gaming, rules, terms and conditions
21bet reserves all rights to change the gaming service, including the general and specific game play rules, after obtaining regulatory approval to do so. Such changes may be communicated directly to the player or via the web site. 21bet may inform the player of such changes via e-mail or telephone, we advise that you do review them regularly because each time you use the Service(s) You will be bound by them. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, and/or to any amendment of these Terms and Conditions, you should not continue to use the Service(s).

The player is deemed to have been served notice of changes when play continues 7 days from the time that the notification was sent.

If the player does not accept the new terms and conditions, then the player shall, in writing, issue notice of termination of the Agreement.

14. The player's right to terminate the customer relationship
A player can terminate the customer relationship at any time, for any reason. 21bet will wait for outstanding gaming transactions to settle and then will terminate the customer relationship.

15. Platform/21bet's rights to lock a player's account or terminate a customer relationship

15.1 - Player breaks the Agreement or gaming rules

15.2 - Player's funds are insufficient for the proposed gaming transaction

15.3 - Legal requirements require such locking or termination

15.4 - 21bet suspects that access to the account may not be by an authorized person

15.5 - 21bet/Platform has reason to suspect any crime or abuse in relation to the player and/or account

15.6 - Security, disrepute or other reason deemed reasonable by Platform/21bet

16. Intellectual Property Rights Contents of the gaming services and the web site are protected by National and International

Copyright Acts and Treaties. Reproduction, Dissemination or Distribution of any material on the gaming service and the web site, including but not limited to, text, photographs, movies, music and computer programs is strictly prohibited, unless explicitly stated otherwise. 21bet reserves any rights not expressly guaranteed herein.

Platform's and 21bet's trade name and logotype and all related trademarks, product or service names and slogans are property of platform and 21bet respectively and may not be used in any way without the prior written approval of platform or 21bet. Player's access to any games shall not be construed as granting any license or right to use any trademarks or names appearing on the gaming service without the prior written consent of 21bet Management.

17. 21bet's right to represent platform
The parties acknowledge that the games are organized by domain and that 21bet manages and operates the services on behalf of some third party platforms. Any message, request, demand, contact, inquiry or similar that according to this Agreement shall be directed to 21bet, may also be directed and communicated to platform providers. Platform providers are correspondingly authorized by 21bet to use, take or exercise all rights or measures as well as to fulfil any obligations with regard to 21bet according to this Agreement.

18. Duration This Agreement is valid until further notice.